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Horoscope ideas

Jordan 2018-03-22

  1. Your reaction to a request to “please assume good faith” is that good faith needs to be earned. You don’t understand charity and that’s why nobody who does will ever take you seriously. Your strongest redemption is that you are unyielding, and will insist upon having things your way even when reason isn’t on your side – because you’ll go on thinking that it is anyway.
  2. You don’t like having your narcissism pointed out to you, but when it is unavoidable you are able to calm your ego by leaning all the way into that narcissism and claiming it as your property.
  3. You believe you have “come to terms” with how small you are and how big the world is because your brain made the mistake of trying to “come to terms” with being unable to change things instead of “actually trying to change them.”
  4. You seek identity so strongly that you have let Consumerism happily assign you the identity of UNHAPPY (because at least you’ll still buy the new iPhone you idiot). You think happiness is boring and you’re right, but that doesn’t make unhappiness interesting
  5. Follow the goddamn money. You’re arguing with the wrong people. And the best part is that you’ll never realize it because you’re not trying to see the truth, you’re just trying to impress your friends and the rest of /r/iamverysmart.