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Missed connection

Jordan 2018-07-30

We were on shrooms when I caught your glance and your eyes reminded me that we had met in my dreams decades ago. You tangled your toes in mine and the absurdity of our automatic openness prompted laughs that melted into contented smiles. I wore pond soaked jeans and a belt. You wore a perpetually amazed expression. When you lost my hairpin you promised to let me borrow one of yours later, but I never took you up on the offer.

There were no walls between us because I was and had always been you. We laid face to face on our bellies, the soft water carrying us, and I learned to know your truths with unwavering reciprocity as our raft drifted into space.

This was both a thousand lifetimes ago and now, and it will always be.

hmu on ig.