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Questions about high school sex

Jordan 2019-03-29

Who the fuck was having sex in high school, and can you please help me, I have questions, like how were you not terrified, and what was it like?

Did you understand your body? Did you understand theirs? Or was the only needed understanding that you were young and horny and eager? How did you ask, or did they ask, and how? Did you get condoms at CVS? Did you do it at your place or theirs, or neither, is that how you knew that your parents wouldn’t barge in? Were you nervous?

Did you know they would wanna also, or were you just hoping, and ready to accept the possibility that they would say no and you would feel like a bit of a creep? If they hesitated, how did you know whether it was because they wanted you to make a move or because they didn’t want this? Was it fun for both of you? Who took the lead? Did you talk about class afterwards?

Did you like how you looked? Did you like how they looked? Did you compare yourself to adult bodies you’d seen on the internet and TV, and did you have an adult body yourself already? Did you feel like you were fulfilling your expectations, or proving your worth, or did you want to feel that way but end up just feeling somehow hollow?

Did you love them? Do you love them still, or do you look back on the memory fondly, or not so fondly?