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The fog

Jordan 2021-03-25

In your Toyota Corolla I think
The one with the busted radio dial
We changed the oil
And reclined

K-O-F-G The Fog is
listener supported
We’re not legitimate, no
But at least we won’t lie to you.

The rainstorm hit after dinner on the sidewalk
And Minneapolis was too far
So we chose the pullout
Until a flashlight shined in the rear view.

K-O-F-G The Fog is
listener supported
We didn’t write this slogan
You did.

Finally found haven at 11
a service stop that would take us sopping wet and sweaty
after giving up pitching a tent
state trooper said we were lucky she was feeling nice.

Lit by the mosquito lens car lamp that night
you said it was sad how people live their lives without living
I nodded though neither of us really understood
the wearing down, the gradual static.

K-O-F-G The Fog is
Listener supported
Don’t touch that dial!
Or at least don’t turn it.