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The Disposessed
The Disposessed by Ursula K. Le Guin is a book about freedom.
A collection of short stories by Ted Chiang. Not sci-fi, but "comp-fi" (computer fiction). I've only read the last story in the series, which is about devices which let you see into other universes, but it was outstanding.
Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore
This book reminded me that people actually used to LIKE tech.
The Interestings
A story about artist kids becoming artist adults, and how we each define success.
This is How You Lose Her
Junot Diaz has a way with capturing the specific dynamic that all broken relationships share.
The New Jim Crow
This book is Important. I wasn't able to finish it (at least not yet) but I think I absorbed the main thesis.
The Righteous Mind
Boy I had a lot of thoughts about this book. I hated it and everyone needs to read it.
Seminal (I assume) work of sci-fi which establishes the trope of the desert planet, and thinly veiled racial metaphors (both later copied by Star Wars). One thing that Frank Herbert does really well is capture the subtle status plays and other non-verbal dynamics of a room full of converations.
Station Eleven
You can give a museum curator a bunch of historical artifacts and ask them to make an exhibit. Their job then is to take the objects and discover the story. That's what Station Eleven is about. Discovering the story around the object.
Doing Good Better
A book about evaluating charities (hint: it's not about how much money the charity takes).
Lunch Poems
My friend Paul recommended this book to me. It was enjoyable but I think some of the poems were a bit above my tastes. A lot of them made fun use of names which I didn't recognize.
Everything I Never Told You
This was recommended by my high school history teacher Mrs. Rabourn. It's about the private moments which belong to only ourselves.
Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl
Absolutely steamy. Probably the only work of queer fiction I've ever read.
This (web) book makes altrusim feel emotional and cool. It's the reason I took the GWWC pledge.
The Great Leap
A play by Lauren Yee which I read with my roommates (we each read a character). We all really enjoyed it.
Dear Evan Hansen
A musical I read and saw in SF about feeling alone.
Pathfinder: Core Rulebook
Stil haven't read through this one but if one day I have the time I would love to DM a Pathfinder campaign.