Jord Liu is a writer, musician, and creative technologist. Their work centers music and poetry, collaborative online experiences, and a merging of the mundane with the absurd.

A classically trained pianist since 5, and a self taught improviser and multi-instrumentalist, their music spans from rhythmic jazz and funk pieces to heartfelt and personal songs for voice and guitar.

Jord is the co-creator of “Baked! The Musical,” an all-Asian musical about cannabis-infused Chinese bakery pastries, which premiered at the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival 2020, winning Best Lyrics, Best Lead, Best Supporting, and Best Ensemble.

Based in San Francisco, CA.

According to others

A collaborator:

I am Jord Liu.

I am good at making music – I have the skills to take the abstract feelings in my head and translate them to a wide variety of instruments (the right one for the task at hand) almost instantly.

What makes me stand out is my relentless desire to search for truths in the smallest or biggest ways. I always ask why, and when what I learn is unsatisfying, I take it upon myself to dig deeper and keep going.

I am passionate about understanding how my identities shape the way I look at the world, and sharing my perspective with those that I love.

My brother:

Hello, my name is Jordan Liu. I am passionate about the intersection of engineering and art. I believe that the two strengthen each other rather than being distinct. In addition to being passionate, I am also good at both! I’ve succeeded academically and in industry, graduating with a CS degree from the University of Michigan and working for 5 years as a software engineer at Google. I’ve also written an award-winning musical, performed live jazz concerts in SF, and can improvise on pretty much any musical tune or theme.

I am thoughtful above all else - I stand strongly for my principles. If I make an argument, I’ll accept and live out the consequences of that belief fully. On a similar note, I’ll go really far for the joke. When I have a decision to make, an important factor to me is how funny the end result will be.

I care deeply about cultivating an intimate and honest community around me. I can’t stand to see callousness between people that I love, and will work hard to bridge the gaps that I see between others. Working with others to achieve a shared goal and vision brings out the best in me - I am energized by collaboration.

My partner:

Hi, Jord Liu here!

I am passionate above all about creativity in its many forms, excelling at what I do, and connecting with the people around me. I love to write, sing, tell jokes, play music, and figure out difficult engineering problems.

I am good at holding myself to all kinds of promises, including schedules I set for myself and my work. In states of creative flow, I am usually bursting with ideas that are compelling to me and I can precisely explain how they fit (or don’t!) in a piece’s underlying logic, motivations, and vision.

In discussion and conflict, I prioritize meeting other people where they’re at to work toward a solution. With that also comes profound curiosity, empathy, and interest in others' thriving. My smile also lights up the room.

I stand out in that I write without shame, I learn quickly, and I am an absolute firecracker!