Musical Stenotype

A cheap and playable prototype that allows you to create poetry that is simultaneously music.

Spolling Bree

A parody of the NYT Spelling Bee game which uses only plausible but fake words.

Finger Memory

Physical installation at Canessa Gallery SF as part of Electrical Health.

Irregular Circle

An in-browser drum machine which uses irregularity.


Collection of executable poetry using Word2Vec to sort ungendered objects by gender.

The Poems Game

A multiplayer online Balderdash-style game for writing poetry.


TypeByke is a game for 0-2 (yes, 0) players that combines Tron and Scrabble.

Ask Jordan

A search engine that answers queries by texting Jordan and waiting for a response.

Part Poems

An illustrated poetry e-zine using Bananagrams.

Robots Only

A website that only lets in robots.

Don't look at me

What does it feel like to be watched?


A low-latency shared piano for two musicians to jam online.

The Recorder

The Recorder turns your audio into sheet music (poorly) which you can then listen to in your browser.


A collection of reader-submitted written and found poetry from smart phones.

Leave the Light Off

An experiment in shared online spaces.


“Upgrade” your hyperlinks into Superlinks with this Chrome extension.