Spolling Bree

A parody of the NYT Spelling Bee game which uses only plausible but fake words.


A low-latency shared piano for two musicians to jam online.

Irregular Circle

An in-browser drum machine which uses irregularity.


Collection of executable poetry using Word2Vec to sort ungendered objects by gender.

The Poems Game

A multiplayer online Balderdash-style game for writing poetry.


TypeByke is a game for 0-2 (yes, 0) players that combines Tron and Scrabble.

Ask Jordan

A search engine that answers queries by texting Jordan and waiting for a response.

Part Poems

An illustrated poetry e-zine using Bananagrams.

Robots Only

A website that only lets in robots.

Don't look at me

What does it feel like to be watched?


A ten minute interactive experience about online narratives.

The Stenographer

The Stenographer turns your audio into sheet music (poorly) which you can then listen to in your browser.


A collection of reader-submitted written and found poetry from smart phones.


A DIY smart photo frame made with a RaspberryPi, an LCD touch screen, and a 3D printer, which displays images sent to me by my friends and family.

Leave the Light Off

An experiment in shared online spaces.


“Upgrade” your hyperlinks into Superlinks with this Chrome extension.