TypeByke is a game for 0-2 (yes, 0) players that combines Tron and Scrabble.

TypeByke Logo

In TypeByke you pilot a Tron bike to pick up letters which you use to spell words. Spelling words fills up your meter, which can be used to boost your speed or make walls to block the other player. You win by filling your meter completely, or making your opponent crash.

My collaborator on this project works in self-driving cars, and we applied some of the architecture used in the industry to the AI in the game.

Play the game:

Available to play in your browser with local multiplayer here.

Browse the source:

Made with Unity. You find the full source code here.

Watch the making-of:

TypeByke was made over a 5-day span, and we took demo videos at the end of each day. Watch as our AI slowly becomes totally dominant and eventually removes the need for human players.

TypeByke: Demo and Development