Baked! The Musical

Baked! The Musical is a full length musical about cannabis-infused Chinese bakery edibles created by Jord Liu and Deepak Kumar, featuring an all-Asian cast.

“Baked! The Musical” photo CMTF 2020 - Photo by Katy Campbell

The show premiered at the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival 2020, where it won Best Lyrics, Best Lead, Best Supporting, and Best Ensemble.

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About the show

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When she doesn’t receive the scholarship that would send her to her dream school, habitual overachiever Jane Huang, with the help of her best friend, joins forces with the class degenerate to build the greatest drug empire ever run by highschoolers. Kept in the dark are Jane’s parents, whose inability to cope with their daughter leaving for college while maintaining a profit at their struggling Chinese bakery drives them to pry and potentially unravel Jane’s web of lies.

Baked! The Musical is a reflection on perfectionism, self worth, and the question of what we owe the people we love. It features an all Asian American cast, and the themes are born out of the writers’ own experiences growing up as the children of immigrants in the US.

Interested in producing the show? Check out a production packet here and song demos on Soundcloud.

“Baked! The Musical” photo CMTF 2020 - Photo by Katy Campbell


  • “Rife with laughter and crackling with charisma, this musical burns with fiery grooves and tuneful melodies. Sleek, charming, and razor-sharp, this raucous journey of family and friendship from a far-underrepresented perspective, Baked! is certain to win the ears and hearts of any and all audiences.” – Chicagoland Musical Theatre

  • “The laid back humor in the dialogue and the emotional music are the two big strengths of this show. They have all the ingredients here for a really great little musical about the choices we make and the values which we hold important.” – Times Square Chronicles